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The Invisible Box

**Please note. Zatanna is the property of DC Comics. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, dear_multiverse, and sages_of_chaosfrom which no profit whatsoever is being made.
Lots of the posts in this journal will be backdated.**

*This Zatanna is from the DC Animated Universe. Her background is being filled in slowly with a large amount of information from the comics and a fair bit of creative writing by me.*

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*BOS* After the Party.

Dear Diary:
Wow! Daddy had a surprise party for me. It was amazing! Almost all of my friends were there, and half of The Magic Guild was there as well. I had so much fun!

Oh..? My present? You want to know what it was?..... Daddy is going to start training me as his assistant! Oh! I am so excited! I can hardly wait.

I got a lot of other neat stuff too. A top hat from The Guild, a new bag and leather bound journal from my friends, and a white bunny from Daddy!
I'm going to name my new bunny Bow, because he has a patch of black shaped like a bow tie under his chin.

Best Birthday party EVER!!!

The night after the party... well that's another story....

I had just said goodnight to Daddy and Bow, brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed. There was this strange glow, and a wrapped package landed with a thump at the end of my bed. I had to pinch myself, to see of I was dreaming.
I had seen a lot of illusions and tricks, but nothing like that. I don't recall moving back, but the next thing I remember was my back hitting the headboard of my bed.

I stared at the package for what seems like hours. It sat there, unmoving. Wrapped in black paper, and tied with white and silver ribbons. I just had to get a closer look! I inched forward, slowly and noticed a tag.
It was for me?!

I sat there in shock. Mystic, glowey, package thingy appears out of nowhere, and it's addressed to me? Are you Kidding? I had to open it!

I carefully untied the ribbons and removed the paper, which was easy since there was no tape.
I removed the top of the box and found a letter, a magic wand (A black rod with white on each end), and a pair of books.

The letter is from my MOTHER?! I couldn't believe it. I need a clear head to deal with this. I promise I'll read it later, once I've had some sleep. I'm going to put the paper and ribbons into the box with the rest of the stuff, and I'll deal with it later.

I'm going to bed.
Goodnight Diary
Zee the Tired and Confused.


*BOS* Day before Zatanna's 10th birthday

Dear Diary:
   Tomorrow is my Tenth birthday. I'm so excited! Daddy said he was going to give me a special surprise tomorrow.
I wonder if he's going to teach me an illusion, or maybe show me a new card trick. I'm getting really good at pulling cards out of thin air!!

   Today I got to watch Daddy preform at the theater. It was so much fun. I want to be a great magician like him someday.
Oops... I have to go.
Talk to you later diary.


**OOC** Timeline

This journals time line.
Timeline dates shown as *** ** **** have not had a date assigned yet. Dates marked in RED are from the DC Animated universe. They are Key events, and would happen as in the show. (Dates are just guessed at). The notation (example) after an entry is a universe tag. Different tags do not overlap with each other.

April 3rd, 1965 - Giovanni "John" Zatara retired from the All-Star Squadron to spend more time with his new wife.

March 14th, 1970 - Zatanna Zatara is born to famed magician Giovanni and Sindella Zatara .
March 16th, 1970 - Sindella Zatara passes away from complications.

March 14th, 1980 - Zatanna's tenth birthday. She received a mysterious package, that turned out to be from her dead mother.

June 22, 1981 - Zatanna messed up a spell and gets sent on a trek around a few realities. (Nexus)

----- Current point in time for Young Zatanna--------

August 12, 1984 - Zatanna joined her father on tour as his assistant

January **, 1986 (?) - Zatanna became good friends with her fathers student "John Smith", who is actually Bruce Wayne during his training to become a crime fighter.

March 14th, 1991 - Zatanna turns 21

*** **, 1993 - Giovanni Zatara dies

February **, 1996 - The events of "Zatanna" as seen in the fiftieth episode of Batman: The Animated Series

*** **, 1998 - The Justice League of America is formed

*** **, 2000 - Thanagarian Invasion - The events of "Starcrossed" as seen in the second-season finale of Justice League. It is composed of the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th episodes.

*** **, 2001 - The events of "Initiation" as seen in the series premiere of Justice League Unlimited.

*** **, 2001
- Zatanna gets a Siberian tiger cub that she names Cadence.

*** **, 2001
- The events of "This Little Piggy" as seen in the fifth (edit) sixth episode of the first season of Justice League Unlimited.

----- Current point in time for Adult Zatanna--------


**OOC** List of Zatanna's spells

A list of spells my Zatanna uses. Some are from the tv shows and comics, most of them I made up for this. Revisions and changes will be made to this post often.

Potsstoppeople freeze
ModnarLatropRandomPortalrandom portal (could lead anywhere)
EmohLatropPortal Homeportal to Zatanna's home Shadowcrest
LanoisnemidLatropdimensional portalControlled portal to another world
KcolnuUnlockUnlocks doors and locks
ErifFirefire ball
RetawWaterstream of water
HtraeEarthpillar of earth
DniwWindgust of wind
ThgilLightorb of light
WodahsKradDark Shadowplunges area into darkness
Noitatropeletteleportationa quick way to get from one place to another
PeelsOtOggo to sleepputs a person to sleep
LaehHealHealing power
EzalbaAblazeFire bolt
etacilpud noitpircsnartduplicate transcriptionMakes a copy of a book (requires a blank book)
knirhsshrinkMakes something small for a short time
gninthgil lightning lightning bolt


Spells from the show 
Spell Translation
kcab ot lamronback to normal
lleps eb nekorbspell be broken
anaiD, emoceb namuhDiana, become human
esrup raeppapurse appear
stcejbo kcatta ecriCobjects attack Circe
elbat eb egactable be cage

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Young Zatanna (age 11 or so)

About: A cute little girl with blue eyes and shoulder length black hair.
She is wearing a tuxedo top and knee length black skirt, as well as a top hat and bow tie.
If you look carefully, you may see the wand in her jacket pocket. You might also notice her hat occasionally twitch or move on it's own. If you look closer, you might see a bunny nose or tail sneak out from under it once in a while.

At this age, Zatanna is just learning magic. She may be just a beginner at both Sorcery and stage magic, but she is progressing at a rather rapid rate. She is all ready becoming a master of slight of hand card tricks.
In this point of Zatanna's life her father is still alive, and she has only begun to study Sorcery.


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Zatanna after 2007 (looks to be about 29ish)
About: See user profile.


Zatanna - Milliways  Universe About: See user profile.


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Shadowcrest Room information

Room information for Shadowcrest.

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