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The Invisible Box

**Please note. Zatanna is the property of DC Comics. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, dear_multiverse, and sages_of_chaosfrom which no profit whatsoever is being made.
Lots of the posts in this journal will be backdated.**

*This Zatanna is from the DC Animated Universe. Her background is being filled in slowly with a large amount of information from the comics and a fair bit of creative writing by me.*

Journals marked with
BOS - bits of history, and Zatanna's private writings.

Zatanna's public blog or ZPB - are posts to her public LJ and will be responded to ic. Any comments relating to her being a cartoon/fictional/etc will be ignored or deleted.

Rp *title/etc here* - are ic rp posts. They will also be tagged with either an open/closed/restricted tag.
-Please do not post in a closed tag unless you are invited.
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-A restricted tag means the rp is only open to members of the community listed.
-All information for the rp will be listed at the top of the post.

Nexus, Milliways Bar, etc - these are separate universes and do not overlap with each other. They do however overlap with the 'History' tag.

Ooc - will contain any information on hiatus, misc stuff, notes, and things relating to Real life.

History - General character history and journals. They are used for all versions of Zatanna on this Lj.

Well, that's about it.

Important places
The timeline for Zatanna's history can be found at

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The 24 hour clock


**Milliways Bar** A new place

“Thanks Mick, see you tomorrow.” Zatanna closed the door to her dressing room, and slumped against it letting out a sigh of relief. 'The last show of the week, now I might get a break.' She thought as she got ready to leave the theater.

She picked up the picture of her father from her makeup table.

“Am I doing the right thing Daddy? I know I wanted to help people, but am I strong enough to handle this? I really wish you were here now.” She put the picture back down and got ready to leave for the night.

She was lost in thought about the last few days as she walked through her dressing room door. The door however didn't open into the theater, but to Somewhere completely different.


((OOC: This takes place just after the events of "This Little Piggy" as seen in the first season of Justice League Unlimited. ))

Zatanna was tired. No, actually she wasn't tired, she was completely, totally, and utterly exhausted.

'This has to be one of the longest weeks I have ever had.' She thought as she flopped down into the overstuffed chair in her living room, and turned on the TV. ~and in other news... The magician Zatanna Z~ *CLICK*

She resisted the urge to throw the remote at the TV in frustration, the last thing she wanted to hear about was about that fiasco that was her show at the Gotham Mint, and that thief Dr. Montague Kane.

Letting out an exasperated sigh she stretched and went to get changed, while letting her mind wander through the events of the past week.

Zatanna was still suffering severe magical depletion, after using her powers to move Shadowcrest to it's own dimension last month. That was something that she never wanted to do again, but it needed to be done. 'I never want to have to do that again.' Now she could access her home using any doorway and the keyword LatropEmoh, without using any magic.

The planning and setting up for her trick at the Mint had taken most of the week. All the planning and late night performances were running her into the ground, her body protesting the entire way.

Then on top of everything else, she been accused of the theft of the ten million dollars that had been in the mint and arrested. Thanks to Batman, she had escaped from the Police transport. During the quest to prove her innocence they had to deal with a bomb, escape a room with spiked walls closing in on them, and being shoved out of a plane, before they finally stopped Kane's escape.


((Ooc: This post is still being written and revised.))


**BOS** New Friend

**Ooc: Post being written, this is a place holder.**

January, 1986 (?) - Zatanna became good friends with her fathers student "John Smith", who is actually Bruce Wayne during his training to become a crime fighter.


**Revisions still being made to this post**

*August 12, 1984 - Zatanna joins her father on tour as his assistant*

A teenaged Zatanna sits in her father's dressing room, trying to get her nerves under control. This is the first time she will be appearing as an assistant for her father.

Seating herself at the makeup table, she starts writing in her journal in order to try and calm herself.

Tonight is the first time that I'm going to preform as my fathers assistant, I'm so nervous.I really hope I don't mess this up, I've worked on this for so long. Please let this go well, I cant disappoint him.

I have got to remember, no Sorcery. No matter how tempting it might be. Like Dad says, 'It's not fair to the other magicians.' I'll admit it, using my Sorcery feels like cheating. The other illusionists don't use it, and it feels good to pull of a trick that appears to be impossible without it.

She is disrupted from her writings by her father, who tells her it's time for the show.


**BOS, Nexus** Grounded and the Nexus

*Ooc @ this point I still have ongoing posts at thee nexus, this post will change over time.*

Dear Diary
I'm bored. And grounded, this stinks.

Well about the Nexus anyways I met a guy called
James Craddock, the Gentleman Ghost. Who lets me call him Jim.
He's from some other universe that apparently has another me.... That's kinda cool, and a bit creepy at the same time. Apparently she is an adult and a Super Hero there. I wonder if I'll ever be good enough with magic to be a Super Hero like my dad and the other me..... I still can't even keep a small fire ball under control for long.......... I must remember to apologize to Mr. Nelson for burning his hair like that.... sigh...

He actually wanted to learn my pocket spell, I'm surprised. Well not so much that he wants to learn it, but that he would actually ask me to teach it to him.  Most people would go to my father or someone else, it's a bit of an ego trip. I'm not really sure he can learn it though, after all he is a ghost.

I also met a guy who told me he was called "The Shadow" kinda weird, but I owe him big time. He got me this watch called a PINpoint that let me come home.

This guy called Ed was so cool, he had a metal arm and apparently has a tiny fire dragon for a pet! I hope I can meet him again.

Well thats about it, for stuff on the Nexus for now.
I really want to play with the buttons on this thing, and see where else is programed on this thing.

Later D

Zatanna plays with the buttons on the PINpoint, and vanishes in a flash of light.
She is going to be freaked out when she gets there.


**BOS, Nexus** I am so grounded

Dear Diary
The portal spell sent me to a place called the Nexus. It was interesting.
Well I got back here after what seemed like hours, but I was only gone around 20 min.

I'm grounded for not making it back on time, but at least it's only for a week.
I'll write more later.

The grounded one


**BOS, Nexus** I am so LATE!

Dear Diairy
I have to be home in 20 minutes.... I am so dead.
I'm going to try that portal spell, there is no way I am going to make it in time otherwise.

Wish me luck
The oh so dead and grounded


Zatanna read through her mother's Grimore once more aand pointed her wand towards a door.
"ModnarLatrop! " A swirling portal appears, and takes her Somewhere she wasn't expecting.


**BOS** Time flys

Dear Diary
Wow... I cant believe I haven't written anything in you in so long.
I guess youd like an update on whats going on huh?

Well lets see.... I have been studying Sorcery a lot lately, and I'm still working hard on my training to assist Dad in his act.
Dad says I'll be ready to preform the Vanishing Assistant trick in a month or two, if I keep progressing at this pace.

My friends are a little disappointed that I can't spend as much time with them as I used to, but they understand that I have responsibilities. They just don't know that I'm learning more than just sleight of hand and stage magic.

I learned how to make my pocket bottomless, but I need to work on getting the items back out. I can't quite summon the item I want from the pocket, just yet anyways. Keep getting the wrong things.

The next spell I want to work on is a portal spell, it creates a hole that will instantly take you to your destination. It would save me so much time, going to school, going home, going to The Magicians Guild....
Now if only there were a spell to do homework.... Nah...

Whoops gotta go. I have lessons with my magic  Sorcery tutor,  some guy named Kent Nelson. I wonder where Dad found him.


**BOS** The letter

Dear Diary
It's been a few days, and I read the letter in the box. It was a message from my mother.
Which was a shock, since she's dead. It had some kind of time delay on it, making it arrive around my 10th birthday. (If I had any powers)
So I'm a wizard, sorceress, ah whatever. I think I'm in shock.

I showed all the stuff to Dad. I thought he might take it away from me, but I get to keep it.
He told me that Mother had set the package up for me before I was born. He knew about her powers, but when I was born he had no idea whether or not I had inherited the ability for Sorcery.

I want to do them both proud. 
I have been reading anything about Sorcery I can get my hands on, and training with Dad for the stage show.
The only thing that Dad wants me to do is let him check the books I want to read before I read them, and no practicing without checking with him first.

Going to go study more now
Zee Mistress of Magic.... Naw.. not  yet.... but some day.